September’s Birthstone Might Surprise You

September’s Birthstone Might Surprise You


Chances are, when you hear “sapphire,” Princess Diana’s engagement ring comes to mind. Surrounded by 14 round brilliant cut diamonds, the 12ct oval cut sapphire was made famous when Prince Charles gave it to his bride-to-be. Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with the same ring as a tribute to his mother, saying it would ensure she would be part of the wedding festivities.

The “Princess Di” style is still a popular setting choice for blue sapphire


We love Sapphire for its gorgeous blue hues, but did you know that Sapphire can be had in many colors, from pink and purples to vibrant yellows? Various elements find their way into sapphire during formation, giving it a wide range of colors. When those elements are Iron and Titanium, we get the beautiful blue we know and love. Corundum is the mineral family that sapphire belongs to, and when corundum is blue, we get blue sapphire. When it’s red, we call it ruby. All other colors are called fancy color sapphires.

This bracelet features various colors of sapphires


September babies can enjoy their birthstone in almost any color of the rainbow. A stunning and durable choice for any jewelry piece, sapphire rates a 9 on the Mohs hardness scale (diamond is a 10). It is stable enough to be cleaned with jewelry cleaner and steam cleaners. Sapphire is also the gem of 5th and 45th anniversaries… in case you need another excuse to indulge.