Please join us for our 26th annual PAWS For Celebration. Stop by to toast a worthy cause, shop spectacular jewelry and claim your chance to win a $5,000, $2,500, or $1,000 shopping spree from Simons. There will also be a surprise drawing that night.

Enjoy a top shelf cocktail selection and delicious small bites. And as a thank you for joining us, you’ll receive a $100 Simons gift certificate.

Welcoming Back Rahaminov Diamonds!

Once again, we’re delighted to host our friends at RahJoin a discerning Hoaminov and their exquisite collection of rare and important diamonds. Browse the amazing selection, try on your favorites with your friends and add a piece to your collection.

RSVP by September 23, 2019

Please respond online at

PAWS For Celebration

Lindsey Swift and Beth Danforth,

Nicole Albrecht
Holly Ball
Laura Barnes
Mia Baxter
Hillary Bean
Melissa Bozesky
Mary Ann Carson
Pele Childress
Lucie Dempsey
Judy Dude
Sarah Ernsky
Kate Frank
Laura George
Maggi Helmkampf
Ann Dolan Hurth
Stacey Hutchens
Randall Jones
Lori Keller
Nicole Lander
Debbie McCormick
Caroline Morehead
Cathy Nourie
Barbara Richert
Meg Riney
Christina Shuff
Ambika Singhal
Blair Spector
Claire Todorovich
Margie Tomaso
Greta Voss
Kathy Warnick
Harriette Warren
Molly Weber
Stacy Wehrle
Marnie Williamson
Terri Wolfner
LaVanna Wrobley

The Humane Society of Missouri

Trish Abbene
Cathy Brown
Ann Coleman
Doris Devereux
Suzie Easton
Gayle Garrett
Cathy Gidcumb
Trish Goldberg
Julie Grieb
Carolyn Grove
Cindy Grumney
Carol Hager
Patricia Krosch
Kathy Leonard
Carol Lloyd
Susan Maune
Janet McGehee
Beth Minogue
Taylor Olson
Linda Palmer
Brooks Parriott
Lynne Parriott
Dee Dee Simon
Celeste Sprung
Pam Toder
Susan Werner
Lisa White
Linda Wulf