Understanding Diamonds

Finding the perfect diamond can be overwhelming. We’re happy to listen to your needs, answer your questions, and show you a selection of gorgeous choices that are perfect for you.

Diamond Shopping at Simons

Every single diamond is different. Our graduate gemologists understand the nuances and differences of each and every stone. And it’s one of the many reasons we enjoy guiding and educating you until you find The One. Loose or mounted, we have an exceptional selection of spectacular diamonds in store and can find what you’re looking for if it’s not in our case.

We’re proud that our diamonds are natural, conflict-free, and graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). GIA is the most prestigious diamond-grading authority in the industry. This non-profit organization is respected for accurate, fair and honest standards. If you know the 4 Cs of diamonds, then you know their work. GIA created this grading system using four key attributes: cut; color, clarity; and carat weight. When you purchase a GIA-evaluated stone from us, it comes with a grading report including these details.

Conflict-Free, GIA-Graded Stones

Anatomy of a Diamond

The 4 Cs of Diamonds

1. Cut – This is the most important aspect of a diamond’s grade in determining overall beauty. An excellent cut grade indicates that a diamond has a lot of brilliance or sparkle. When it is cut with the ideal proportions for its shape, it will reflect more light, resulting in higher levels of fire and brilliance. Diamonds cut with poor proportions will allow light to escape out the bottom and sides, resulting in a dull, dark appearance. In short, a well-cut diamond sparkles a lot because it reflects and refracts light better than one not cut as well.

2. Color – White diamonds are not all colorless. The spectrum ranges from totally colorless to light yellow. A lettering system from D to Z is used to identify the amount of color present in each diamond, with D awarded only to rare, totally colorless diamonds. A colorless diamond can be graded D, E or F; near colorless, G, H, I or J. A white diamond’s rarity and value increase the more colorless it is. Colored diamonds are also available, such as pink, blue, chocolate or bright yellow, but are rated on a different scale than white diamonds.

3. Clarity – Natural diamonds are formed by tremendous heat and pressure deep within the earth. This process can result in internal “inclusions” and external “blemishes.” A diamond’s clarity grade is determined by the number, size, nature, position and relief, or color, of these characteristics. In higher quality diamonds, these imperfections are not visible to the naked eye. No diamond is perfect, but the closer it comes, the higher its value. A “flawless” diamond is rare. Minor inclusions seldom affect a diamond’s beauty, although they can affect value.

4. Carat Weight – This refers to the weight of a diamond. Larger diamonds are scarcer, and therefore more valuable. However, two diamonds with the same carat weight can vary greatly in value, depending on the color, clarity and most importantly, the cut. A half-carat diamond with high color and clarity ratings may cost more than a three-quarter carat diamond with lower color and clarity ratings, but identical cut. It’s simply a matter of deciding what factors matter most to you, then finding the best combination of size, color and clarity to suit your budget.

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